Wakefield Soccer Association

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Board Members - Voting
Title Name Phone Email
President David Dube 617-947-5641 president@wakefieldsoccer.org
Secretary Brian Leishman 781-587-1844 secretary@wakefieldsoccer.org
Treasurer Anne Miller registrar@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of Travel Program Chris Wilson 617-820-8519 travelteams@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of Intramurals Program Chris Smith 781-245-4021 intramurals@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of League Relations Stephen de Garavilla 781-245-6563 townrepresentative@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of Risk Management Michael Kilkelly 781-245-7245 riskmgmt@wakefieldsoccer.org
At-Large Seat #1 Matt Lane 617-640-2539 boardatlarge1@wakefieldsoccer.org
At-Large Seat #2 Ben Schools boardatlarge2@wakefieldsoccer.org
At-Large Seat #3 Cleo Rizos 781-760-7490 boardatlarge3@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of Field and Facilities Mike Boudreau 781-254-1064 fields@wakefieldsoccer.org
Directors (non-voting)
Title Name Phone Email
Director of Registration Anne Miller registrar@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of Equipment Cleo Rizos equipmentmgr@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of Website Ben Schools registrar@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director of Referees Michael Kilkelly 781-245-7245 referees@wakefieldsoccer.org
Director Of Fundraising Matt Lane 617-640-2539 fundraising@wakefieldsoccer.org
Title Name Phone Email
Director Of Coaching Michael Caine doc@wakefieldsoccer.org


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