Wakefield Youth Soccer Association

Monthly Meeting-September 9, 2004- Knights of Columbus

I. Call to Order: 8:05

II. Members Present: President-Joe Tringale; VP-Bob McCarthy; Treasurer-Phil Good; Secretary-
Dave Costello; Travel Team Coord.-Bill Mathews; Rep.-Rich Shea; Picture Coordinator-Scott
Robertson; Intramural Coordinator, Gary Hickey; Referees; Registrar, Bill Boodry.

III. Secretary's Report:
* August minutes were read and accepted.

IV. Communications:
* Bill Boodry presented U14 travel team to association due to their successful season.
* Phil Good recognized referees for excellence.
* Bob McCarthy showed trophies for teams to consider. Handed out apparel to board members.
* Association to form sub-committee to get more involved in town affairs.

V. Middlesex Youth Soccer League Recap:
* N/A

VI. Treasurer's Report:
* Phil Good read and submitted monthly Treasurer's Report.

VII. Fields: N/A

VIII. Travel Teams:
* Season starts 9/11.
* Lining schedule to be distributed.

IX. Registrations:
* Late registrations now closed.

X. Intramurals:
* Once rosters set there is no moving or trading of players.
* Parent discussed school district policy and formation of teams.
* Galyans handed out free soccer playboards and coupons.
* Wakefield Youth Soccer Night to be held 9/28. Flyers passed out.
* No referees for kindergarten division. Good spirit rules in place.
* Unpaid registrations to be reported.

XI. Pictures:
* September 18 & 19 is picture day.
* Envelopes passed out to coaches at September meeting.
* Each team should plan on being at gym 15 minutes before scheduled time.
* No cleats in gym.

XII. Web Report: N/A