Wakefield Youth Soccer

Meeting Minutes

May 5th 2005

Knights of Columbus




I. Call to Order: 8:05


II. Members Present: President-Joe Tringale; Treasurer-Phil Good; Picture Coordinator-Scott Robertson; Intramural Coordinator-Gary Hickey; Referees - Bill Flanagan; Registrar - Bill Boodry;

III. Secretary's Report:

No Minutes from April Meeting

IV. New Business

        Motion to allow girls to play on boys teams voted on, and will not be allowed. This was in response to a parent who wanted daughter and son on same team (intramural 1 and 2). Gary will address concerned parent.

        Gary is looking to put WYS shirts and hats on website available for purchase. Initial potential supplier was too expensive.

        Next meeting will include election of officers for next term;

        Board positions which will be open are:

o       V.P. Rick Archambault was nominated

o       Secretary Mark Pistorino nominated

o       Registrar Kevin Horrigan nominated

o       MYSL Town Coordinator Paul Melanson nominated

V. Middlesex Youth Soccer League Update: Rich Shea

        Next MYSL meeting moved to week of May 8th.

        Reminder to coaches to get scores in

        Get make-up games scheduled

        Next MYSL meeting will discuss possibility of shortened season due to large number of rain-outs.

        Web-site needs to be communications tool

        Richie will post any important information resulting from MYSL meeting.

        Week 11 to replace week 1.

        Discussion on rescheduling games to Thursday nights. With some of the times slots committed during the discussion for May 12th and 26th.

        Richie needs travel coaches to report to him on number of games that they need to make-up. He requested that they send him an email.

VI. Treasurer's Report:

        Phil Good read and submitted monthly Treasurer's Report.

        $117,388 total Balance as of 5/5/5.

VII. Fields:

        Joe Tringale will meet with Steve Mayo regarding removal of backstop. It is expected to happen for Fall Season.

        Phil will send email to coaches reminding that last coach needs to put nets against the fence, pick-up flags, stakes, etc. and lock-up at end of day.

VIII. Travel Teams:

        Tryouts May 22nd and June 6th

        Discussion regarding coordination of tryouts to be sure that adequate support and coaches are present to effectively evaluate players and to maintain a smooth process flow.

        Sign-up sheet was discussed and left on table for travel coaches

IX. Registrations:

        Registration through 5/5/5 totaled approximately 1300 players.

        People who had trouble with on-line registration will not be charged late fee. There was some user ID confusion with the on-line process that will be resolved. Contact will be made with people who entered information, but did not complete the process (~30 players).

        Late sign-ups now assessed $25 late fee.

        A rule to Sign up by the 12th (or other date TBD) for the first travel team tryout date (5/22), and a second date (TBD) for the second tryout date (6/6) was discussed, so that Phil can organize the information for tryouts.


X. Intramurals:


        Updated registration list will be distributed

        Postcards will be sent to boys for travel tryouts, girls optional.

o       Needs age directors for:

        Boys 1 & 2

        Girls 3 and 4


        Discussion on Splitting The grade 5-8 division into two groups 5/6 and 7/8 and allowing travel players to play both intramural and travel was discussed and tabled until next meeting.


XI. Pictures:

        Date will be set soon. Scott is scheduling date based on the High School football schedule. Needs to be on a Saturday when Football team is away.

XIII. Web Report:

        John Bosco discussed the on-line registration process. He will incorporate some suggestions for improvement. (User ID to be email address, and other minor improvements were discussed).

XIV. Referees:

        A.R.s assigned as of Saturday 4/30. General comments were made on their presence.

        Discussion on referees and codes of conduct.