Wakefield Youth Soccer

Meeting Minutes

Monthly and Annual Meeting

June 2nd 2005

Knights of Columbus




I. Call to Order: 8:10 PM

Board Members Present:

President-Joe Tringale; Treasurer-Phil Good; Picture Coordinator-Scott Robertson; Travel team Coordinator-Bill Mathews; Intramural Coordinator-Gary Hickey; Referees - Bill Flanagan; Acting V.P.-Rick Archambault; Acting Secretary-Mark Pistorino


II. Secretary's Report:

·        Minutes from May meeting read and accepted.


III. Treasurer's Report:

·        Phil Good read and submitted monthly Treasurer's Report.

·        $174,012 total balance as of 6/2/5.

IV. Intramurals:

·        There are many potential coaches for fall.  Gary will sort out coaching situation.

·        Need age directors for K, G1&2, G3&4, and B3&4.  Gary will recruit new directors.

·        275 postcards sent out to potential travel team players.

·        Gary and Rick continue to work on getting WYS apparel for sale on website.  Discussions on-going with potential suppliers.

V.  Travel Teams

·        Congratulations to Billerica Tourney Players.

·        Coaches to check make-up schedule for accuracy

·        Discussion on coordination of getting nets to Blatz Field (drop-off and pick-up).

·        Bill has a preliminary list of coaches for next year.  Need to finalize.

·        Discussion on coordination of tryouts for 6/6/5, and comments on of 5/22 tryouts.

·        Discussion on roster sizes and number of teams.

·        Professional coach being considered to run weekly practice session.  Committee formed to put a plan together and make a recommendation to the board.  Paul Burns to head committee.

VI. Pictures

·        Scott will set date by next meeting.  Needs to get final varsity football schedule prior scheduling the HS gymnasium.

VII. Registrations

·        1346 registered players in the WYS system!

VIII. Middlesex Youth Soccer League

·        Rich Shea read the May 10th meeting minutes.

·        Status of Lancaster field

·        FALL SEASON PACKAGE DUE JULY 14th! Must be complete.

·        Annual General Meeting was held on May 17th

o       8V8 soccer at U12 coming this year. 70x50 field.

o       Election of officers held

o       New Webmaster

o       Town coordinators will be required to input data to website


IX. Other Business

·        Rick Archambault will hold an inventory control meeting at the cage Sunday June 26th 406 PM to go through all of the inventory and disposition the unwanted and not needed equipment.

·        MLS Camp August 8-12th and other programs are available during the summer. 

·        Thank you and appreciations given to Bob McCarthy, Rich Shea, and Phil Good for their dedication to the WYS program.

X. Meeting Adjourns 9:35 PM





I.                  Call to order 9:35 PM

II.               President reads “Name”, “Purpose”, “Type of organization (Non-profit)”, “List of Officers”, and other pertinent information.

III.           The following positions were nominated and elected.

·        V.P. – Rick Archambault

·        Secretary – Mark Pistorino

·        Registrar – Kevin Horrigan

·        MYSL Town Coordinator – Paul Melanson


Meeting Adjourns 9:50 PM