Wakefield Youth Soccer

Meeting Minutes

January 5th 2006

Knights of Columbus




I. Call to Order: 8:00 PM

Board Members Present:

President-Joe Tringale; Vice President-Rick Archambault; Treasurer-Phil Good; Picture Coordinator-Scott Robertson; Secretary-Mark Pistorino; Registrar – Kevin Horrigan;


II. Secretary's Report:


III. Treasurer's Report:

·        Phil Good read and submitted monthly Treasurer's Report which was accepted.

·        Ending balance - $34,146 in checking account, $45,419 in term deposit and $59,861 in the field account. Total balance $139,426(of which $105,280 is reserved for field related expenditures) as of 01/05/06.


IV. Intramurals:


V.   Travel Teams/MYSL

·        12/18/05 placement meeting. Need to submit rosters/pictures.

·        Paid vs. unpaid list compiled by Phil.

·        No family discounts for U16 and U18’s

·        Travel Tryouts to be scheduled for 5/25/06 and 6/4/06

·        Tom Jenkins will be acting Travel Coordinator until Bill Mathews returns.

·        U16 & U18 Boys registrations -Notification will be put in Wakefield Item to contact Tom Jenkins to for U16 and U18 Spring Travel sign-up.  Registration will be open until 01/14/06.


VI. Pictures


VII. Registrar

·        See intramural “K” Spring program comments above, and Travel team (U16/U18) bullet above.

·        Registration dates will be scheduled for April 30th and May 3rd.

·        On-line registration will be open two weeks in advance.


VIII. Other Business – Vice President

·        Joe T. to meet with Recreation Department on 1/18/06 to discuss fields.

·        Space issue at Civic Center being addressed by Rick A.

·        Next meeting – February 2nd

IX –Meeting Adjourns – 8:49 PM