Wakefield Youth Soccer

Meeting Minutes

July 6th 2006

Knights of Columbus




I. Call to Order: 8:07 PM

Board Members Present:

President-Joe Tringale; Treasurer-Phil Good; Secretary-Mark Pistorino; Registrar – Kevin Horrigan; Travel Coordinator Bill Mathews;


II. Secretary's Report:

  • Minutes from June meeting not available.


III. Treasurer's Report:

·        Phil Good read and submitted monthly Treasurer's Report which was accepted.

·        Ending balance - $75,894 in checking account, $46,103 in term deposit and $72,835 in the field account. Total balance $194,831.


IV. Intramurals:

  • Phil will order additional plug nets
  • Need to define fields by next meeting.
  • J.J. Round is available
  • Joe will check on availability of Vocational School Field
  • Guest Speaker – Arthur Dimetricopoulus, State Coach from Peabody MA. Mass. Youth Soccer. Lengthy discussion on U6, U7 and U8 teaching skills. “Have Fun”
  • Explained programs in other towns and the merits of continuing with our current new format.
    • Recommendations
      • US Soccer and MASS Soccer
        • U6 – 3V3 – No goalie
        • U8 – 4V4 – No Goalie
        • Coaches courses and many other recommendations.



V.               Travel Teams/MYSL

  • Tryouts went well
  • Need rosters signed by coaches today.
  • Need coach for GU14B.  Also need a few additional players.
  • Paul Burns and Mike will take lead on filling roster
  • 17 teams total


VI. Pictures

·        September 16th & 17th tentatively scheduled for pictures. Scott is waiting approval from Barry Haley regarding High School football schedule.  If HS games are home that weekend, pictures will be following weekend


VII. Registrar

·        Registration still open.  On-line registrations will be available until August 1st.  Late registrations will be accepted through the registrar only (mail or in-person) until August 31st.

VIII. Town Coordinator

·        Need to order 6’ x 18’ goals.  Phil will order goals.

·        Rosters are due

·        Discussion on roster sizes and number of players on field for each division.


IX  Referee Assigner – Phil

·        Commissioners Cup – Referee of year - Maureen Good. Congratulations!


X. Other Business – President

·        Separate Yearly Meeting

§         Election of Officers – Voted and approved

§         President – Joe Tringale

§         Vice-President – Rick Archambault

§         Treasurer – Phil Good

§         Secretary – Mark Pistorino

§         General Manager – Jim Fitzgerald

§         Intramural Coordinator – Gary Hickey

§         Travel Coordinator – Bill Mathews

§         Referee Coordinator – Steve Nixon

§         Town Coordinator – Paul Melanson

§         Picture Coordinator – Scott Robertson

§         Registrar – Kevin Horrigan

§         Webmaster – John Bosco


·        Coaches “G” Course – August 21st     6:30-10:30 at Civic Center

·        Coaches U12 Specialty Clinic – August 14th  7-9 at Civic Center

·        Bill Mathews will contact coaches about attending courses

·        Steve DeGaravilla to coordinate courses and registration.

·        Motion for Association to pay cost of courses accepted.

·        Motion for Association to pay cost of U7 State Coach – Accepted.  Steve DeGaravilla will run U6 program without state coach.

·        Motion to support DeLory Family accepted.

·        Steve Wohler will get lock fixed

·        Joe Walsh Memorial on concession stand.  Association will purchase a memorial which will be put on concession stand.  Unveiling at the Field during a girl’s varsity game.

·        Comment on the Commissioner’s cup trophy -  “Joe Walsh Cup”

·        Need to comment on By-Law’s update


XI –Meeting Adjourns – 10:00 PM