Wakefield Youth Soccer

Meeting Minutes

October 5th 2006

Knights of Columbus




I. Call to Order: 8:05 PM

Board Members Present:

President-Joe Tringale; Treasurer-Phil Good; Secretary-Mark Pistorino; Registrar – Kevin Horrigan; Travel Coordinator Bill Mathews;Vice-President – Rick Archambault , Picture Coordinator – Scott Robertson


II. Secretary's Report:


III. Treasurer's Report:

·        Phil Good read and submitted monthly Treasurer's Report which was accepted.

·        Ending balance - $52,719 in checking account, $46,448 in term deposit and $72,963 in the field account for a total cash balance of $172,130.


IV. Intramurals:


V.               Travel Teams/MYSL


VI. Pictures

·        Pictures went very well.

·        Scott will set-up a pick-up time for age directors and travel coaches, on or about Oct. 19th.

·        Calendar photos for coaches “gift” in each package.

·        All travel team photo’s will be posted on website

·        U12 and older need pictures for spring season.

VII. Registrar

·        Kevin needs the remaining few missing coaches birthdates for CORI list.

VIII. Town Coordinator

·        November 4th – MYSL Special Olympics @ Governor Dummer Academy, looking for volunteers.

·        MYSL Website is not functioning properly.  Email scores to age director. Include specifics in email (age, group, team, etc)

·         November 26th is final date for Spring Roster Submittals.

·        Paul needs all pass cards by Nov. 12th. Preferably by Nov. 4th meeting

·        Paul will have rosters at next meeting.

·        December 12th town coordinators “placement” meeting

·        January 15th is final date for U16 and U18 Spring roster submittals.

·        Grade 9 referees can only do U10 travel (or intramural up to U14)

·        Towns assign referees in Fall season, League assigns in Spring season.

·        Adding players is ok if necessary.  Either move a player up or get someone off the waiting list from tryouts.

·        U16 and U18. Need to approach players soon. HS break-up dinner is good opportunity.

·        Need U16 coach.  (Possibly Boodry or Jenkins)

·        Upcoming tournaments.  If you have a team playing in a “patch” tournament, see Rick Archambault for patches.


IX. Other Business – President/Vice President/Picture Coordinator

·        Richie Shea – MLS camps.  Kim Chapman will run MLS Camps next Summer.  Scheduled for week of August 6-10th

·        Motion to approve Kim Chapman to go back to MLS Camps for new contract.  Motion “accepted”

·        Joe Walsh plaque won’t be ready until Mid-November (at earliest) (Cost ~$3600)

·        Disciplinary committee discussion.  To be continued at next meeting.  Joe to draft policy.

XI –Meeting Adjourns – 9:40 PM