Wakefield Youth Soccer

Meeting Minutes

Executive Meeting to Discuss U8 Subcommittee Proposal

January 31st 2007

Beebe Library




I. Call to Order: 7:43 PM

Board Members Present:

President-Joe Tringale; Vice-President- Rick Archambault; Treasurer-Phil Good; Secretary/Intramural Coordinator-Mark Pistorino; Registrar – Kevin Horrigan; Travel Coordinator Bill Mathews; Picture Coordinator – Scott Robertson; GM – Jim Fitzgerald; Town Coordinator- Paul Melanson; and Webmaster John Bosco


U8 Subcommittee Members Present:

Mike Boudreau (Chairperson),Chris Butler, Dave Chapman, Nancy Hurley, Dick Jennings, Jim McGovern. (Paul Burns - not present)



Mike Boudreau presented the proposal for Wakefield Soccer Association to amend the current U8 (2nd Grade) town program to a revised format as discussed in the proposal package Titled: “Grade 2 /U8 – Program Recommendation To Wakefield Soccer Association Board of Directors”, dated January 31, 2007.



The subcommittee was dismissed from the meeting at 8:45 and the following motions were made and voted:

Motion 1 – Scott Robertson makes motion “To discuss the proposal as amended in the meeting”.  Bill Mathews seconds the motion and all board members vote in favor to accept the motion.

Motion 2 – Phil Good makes motion to: “Vote in favor of the as amended proposal, subject to field availability in the Fall season”.  Rick Archambault seconds the motion and all board members vote in favor to “accept”.



Meeting Adjourns – 8:57 PM