Wakefield Youth Soccer

Monthly Meeting and Annual Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 7th 2007

Knights of Columbus


I. Call to Order: 8:10 PM

Board Members Present:

President-Joe Tringale; Travel Coordinator-Bill Mathews; GM-Jim Fitzgerald; Treasurer-Phil Good; MYSL Rep. Paul Melanson; Secretary/Intramural Coordinator-Mark Pistorino; Registrar – Kevin Horrigan; Picture Coordinator Scott Robertson;


II. Secretary's Report:


III. Treasurer's Report:

·        Treasurer reports from May read and accepted.  Ending balance - $71,328 in checking account, $47,268 in term deposit and $80,456 in the field account for a total cash balance of $199,052.


IV. Intramurals:

·        Steve DeGaravilla recommended that we hire a State Coach for the “K” and “Grade 1” programs at a cost of about $3K each ($6K total).  Board in agreement.  Further discussion/approval at the July meeting.

·        The “K” and Grade 1 intramural program will play on June 16th to make-up rainout of June 2nd.  Joe will confirm field availability at Montrose.




V.               Travel Teams/MYSL


VI. Pictures

·        Date set - September 15th &16th 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for pictures - Crowley Photo.  Scott needs volunteers.


VII. Registrar

·        Registrations currently on-line


VIII. Referee Coordinator


IX. Other Business – President/Vice President/Referee Coordinator

·        Joe Walsh plaque unveiling went well and will run on WCAT.

·        Citizen’s scholarship fund fundraiser set-up in Joe Walsh’s memory.  Joe Walsh Scholarship (Fund) (Sports) Trivia Night on Saturday May 19th at the WSSC went very well.  $6500 raised

·        MLS camp brochures available. Webmaster will put a message on website.  Scheduled for week of August 6th.  Registration through Karen Chapman will save money vs. registration on-line.

·        Nominations for Board positions: (See Annual Meeting Minutes- Attached to this document)


·        Next meeting scheduled for July 5th, but may change to July 12th due to holiday.


X –Meeting Adjourns @ 8:59





Annual Board of Directors Meeting


Call to order: 9:00 PM


The following slate of candidates was voted and accepted as the new incoming Board of Directors.


President                         Jim Fitzgerald

Vice-president                 Mike Boudreau

Treasurer                        Joe Tringale

Secretary                        Julie Fairweather

General Manager             Mark Pistorino

Intramural Coordinator    Kevin Horrigan

Travel Coordinator                   Steve Logan

Town Coordinator          Steve DeGaravilla

Web Designer                 Dan White

Picture Coordinator         Scott Robertson

Registrar                         John Bosco

Referee Coordinator        Open


Meeting Adjourns: 9:07 PM