Wakefield Youth Soccer

Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 12th 2007

Americal Civic Center


I. Call to Order: 8:08 PM

Board Members Present:

Present - President-Jim Fitzgerald; Vice President- Mike Boudreau; Travel Coordinator-Steve Logan; GM-Mark Pistorino; Treasurer-Joe Tringale; MYSL Rep. Steve DeGaravilla; Intramural Coordinator- Kevin Horrigan; Registrar –John Bosco;


II. Secretary's Report:


III. Treasurer's Report:

·        Treasurer reports from June read and accepted.  Ending balance - $60,877 in checking account, $47,501 in term deposit and $89,705in the field account for a total cash balance of $198,083. Waiting for check from on-line registration company (approx. $13K).


IV. Intramurals:

·        Steve DeGaravilla recommended that we hire a State Coach for the “K” and “Grade 1” programs at a cost of about $3K each ($6K total).  Steve will get additional information for next meeting. Board in agreement.  Further discussion/approval at the August meeting.


V.               Travel Teams/MYSL

VI. Pictures

·        Date -September 15th &16th 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for pictures - Crowley Photo.  Scott needs volunteers.


VII. Registrar

·        Registrations currently on-line until July 31st.  Webmaster will post this message on the website.

·        Current registrants is approximately 1200 (300 travel and 900 intramural).

·        Walk-in registrations held during meeting and will also be held at the August meeting.


VIII. Referee Coordinator


IX. Webmaster

·        Contact information updated

·        Website will be updated/reorganized to improve “user friendliness”.

·        Dan is considering a soccer “news feed” subscription service.


X. Other Business – President/Vice President

·        Mike will use same uniform/shirt suppliers as last year (Reading Trophy and “T” Stop).  Mike will begin the ordering process this week (6 wk lead time).  Coaches need to inform Mike of special sizing needs.

·        Mike will schedule a equipment “turn-in” and pick-up date for travel coaches.

·        Late fees discussed, with no changes.

·        Next meeting scheduled for August 2nd.

·        Meetings will follow an agenda and will move quickly.

·        Constitution/By-laws – Mark will re-distribute the current, by-laws and a version that the board began to edit last year.  Mark will also follow-up with Rick Archambault on proposed changes that he had been working.

·        Zero Tolerance policy.  Jim will draft and distribute within the next week, for the board’s review and comments. Plan to have coaches sign prior to season and all parents will be made aware of the policy. It will also be posted on the website.

·        Training and development of coaches will continue. ‘G” license course will be coordinated by Steve D, after labor day, due to a policy issue with Mass. Youth Soccer.

·        Discussion on improving relationship with High School program.  Jim will send invitation to high school coaches to attend our next meeting. 

·        Improving field scheduling and conditions discussed. Jim and Joe T. are part of a town committee which has been dormant for a while, but meetings will resume.  Investigation of grant opportunities, current land use and improvements are all subjects of discussion and action for the committee.

·        Mike Boudreau will work with Julie Fairweather to put a news article out regarding grade 2 sign-ups and other promotional information.

·        Field permits (Joe and Jim) need to be obtained for the Fall season.


XI –Meeting Adjourns @ 9:06