Wakefield Youth Soccer

Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2007

Knights of Columbus


I.       Call to Order: 8:15 PM


Board Members Present:

Present:  President - Jim Fitzgerald; Vice President - Mike Boudreau; Travel Coordinator - Steve Logan; GM - Mark Pistorino; Treasurer - Joe Tringale; MYSL Rep. - Steve DeGaravilla; Intramural Coordinator - Kevin Horrigan; Registrar - John Bosco; Pictures - Scott Robertson, Secretary – Julie Fairweather

Webmaster – Dan White


II.      Secretary's Report:

§         Minutes from August meeting read and accepted.


III.    Treasurer's Report:

§         Beginning balances for the month were $86,319 in the checking account, $47,501 in the term deposit, and $89,705 in the field account for a total cash balance of $223,525.

§         There were $11,873 in expenses.

§         Ending Balances are $74,453 in the checking account, $47,501 in the term deposit, and $89,705 in the field account for a total cash balance of $211,716.


IV.     VP’s Report:

§         Intramural team equipment will be passed out that evening.

§         K & Grade 1 shirts will be passed out by the age directors, not the coaches, they will be passed out on Saturday.

§         If you have extra equipment needs let Mike Boudreau know.


V.      Presidents Report

§         All the permits have been allocated and will be placed on the website.  The town helped us out a lot.

§         We are working with the high school program together to make the program work as well as possible.  Coach Kelly was recognized for being at the event.  Coach Kelly also mentioned that the Varsity program is only as good as the youth program that supported it and he thanked the board and the volunteers.

§         We are going to do a Youth Soccer Night with all the team players and the Varsity team – possibly Monday, the 24th of September at 6 p.m. to show our support and build enthusiasm.

§         Practice fields were discussed with Travel Teams utilizing:  Mapleway, Moulton, Nasella, and Walton Field (with absolutely no use of Varsity Field parallel and closest to North Avenue).  Intramural Teams can use:  Blatz, Dolbeare School, Doyle School, Franklin School, JJ Round, Montrose School, Moulton (Grades 5-8 only), Walton School (not to be confused with the Middle School field), Sullivan and Yuell School.

§         We have a matrix of practice times for the travel teams, but on Intramurals it’s not possible to do that.  Intramural teams should only be practicing on one night a week.

§         It is an equitable split of fields that seems to benefit Intramural teams.

§         Field lining assignments:  The larger fields will be lined on a weekly basis.  We have to have volunteers to line the other fields on a weekly basis.  All the fields, except for Mapleway U10, have volunteers handling it.  U10 Coaches will need to do Mapleway.  Paint and liners supplies can be obtained from Mike Boudreau, contact him to get what you need.

§         Zero Tolerance Policy will be posted on the website.  It will be signed by no one but applied to everyone.  So all coaches need to get on the website and read it, you will be held accountable – parents and coaches.


VI.  Pictures Update

§         Coaches need to fill out the information at the top.  Pictures are next weekend, Saturday and Sunday 9.15 & 16.

§         If you have a scheduling problem, you need to let me know as soon as possible because the schedule is tight.  Scott will hand out all forms to age directors at the end of the meeting.  Parents can get more forms at the photo session.

§         Scott still needs volunteers to help out.

§         It is the coaches’ responsibility to handle all problems and complaints.  There will be problems and you need to handle them directly with Crowley.  Pay by check.

§         Be there 10 to 15 minutes before picture time.


VII.   Registration

§         We were at 1258 coming into tonight and we will likely end up with 1300 by the end of the night.


VIII.  Website

§         We are trying to update it as quickly as possible.

§         Travel & Intramural coaches, if you want to put your schedules up, let me know.  I would like to get the travel schedules up first and then I will see if I can get the Intramural schedules up as well.


IX.     Intramurals

§         All coaches need to fill out a CORI form.

§         Schedules are in flux and will be finalized tonight.

§         K- Moulton, 1st – Yuell, 2nd-  Doyle on Saturdays, 3rd 4th – Boys and Girls at Sullivan and 1 Game at Mapleway, G5th to 8th – Galvin at noon on Sunday, B5th to 8th – Moulton at noon on Sunday

§         Rosters still in flux

§         Mark Pistorino talked about TOPS, this year we are going to work with Winchester, next year we will bring it back into town.  Looking for high school players to help out.


X.  Coaches Clinic

§         We had a coaches clinic last night that was very well attended.


XI.     Travel Team Report

§         Steve Logan – Travel schedules were passed out at a meeting last week, those schedules may change, don’t be surprised.  There were a few glitches and mistakes that they league has since figured out, so that changed some things.

§         Go back into the website and look at their schedule again.  Towns are putting in time changes as late as tomorrow (not necessarily for week 1) because if they find conflicts as they go along, they have to change games.

§         You will be notified by the league to report your scores and assess the referees, please be sure to do so.

§         On your Rosters, you need to have two copies of these for your games, one for the ref and one for the opposing team.  Block out phone numbers and add shirt numbers.

§         Practice schedules – many of you have given me the information I need to do the practice schedules – we are in excellent shape.  You are splitting with two teams at a time.

§         Rosters should be set by now.  If you still have changes, it needs to be done immediately.  Deadline for final rosters are 10.13.

§         All nets will be set by tomorrow 9.7.

§         Line painting assignments were finalized.

§         If there is a make up game, you need to reschedule, pick 3 dates, Steve Logan lets you know if any of those dates work.  Make up games should be done before the actual game is supposed to take place.

§         Cancelled games due to weather will be posted by 7 a.m. on the website.

§         Please give feedback to Phil Good about the referees – email to referees@wakefieldsoccer.org.


XII.  Meeting Adjourns @ 9:45 p.m.


XIII.  Post Board Meeting

·        We are leaders of this organization – let’s try to get along.

·        Adding and removing players to the roster – discussion on the BU14 teams.

·        Problem on BU12 C team with attitude.  It was the board’s decision to enact the zero tolerance policy and remove him from the program.

·        Soccer Nights – do 2 nights against Winchester.  Boys is Monday, 9.24 and Girls is October 18th both games are at 6 p.m.  It will be promoted to the coaches and at picture day.  Julie will get it into the newspaper.

·        The Zero Tolerance Policy was unanimously approved and it was decided that the President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, either the Intramural or Travel Director (depending on jurisdiction) and the Referee Coordinators (Intramural or Travel depending on jurisdiction) will be the board members before whom all issues will be brought.

·        Meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m.

Edited after 10/04/07 Meeting.


-- end --