Wakefield Youth Soccer

Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 7th 2007

Knights of Columbus


I. Call to Order: 8:05 PM

Board Members Present:

Present - President-Jim Fitzgerald; Vice President- Mike Boudreau; Travel Coordinator-Steve Logan; GM-Mark Pistorino; Treasurer-Joe Tringale; MYSL Rep. Steve DeGaravilla; Intramural Coordinator- Kevin Horrigan;Webmaster - Dan White


II. Secretary's Report:

        Minutes from February meeting read and accepted.


III. Treasurer's Report:

        Treasurerís report was read and accepted.† Joe will re-write the report and provide a copy to the Secretary.


IV. Vice-President/Equipment Manager:


V.               Registration:

VI. ††† Webmaster

        Homepage is being updated to make navigation of site easier.† Calendar is in-process but input is needed from Board members regarding specific dates.† Steve D.ís MYSL meeting minutes (attached) has many key dates.


VII †† Pictures



VIIIIntramural Coordinator

        Spring Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade program/fields discussed. Fields is an issue, Yuell and Montrose may be an option, but with Montrose being sold, it may not be available.† Steve D. is researching other properties (Camp Curtis, Vocational School).† Steve will report at next meeting and provide a proposal if necessary.

        TOPS Ė Mark Pistorino will contact Melinda Weber of Winchester Soccer to inquire about her Spring program.



IXTravel Coordinator/MYSL


X.††††† President and General Information

        Constitution and By-Laws update in-process.

        Youth sports groupís presidents met (PW, LL, LAX, and Soccer), to discuss fields and synthetic turf options and how the groups can work collectively to achieve our overlapping goals.† Fitz will represent soccer, but will get approval on all major decisions from the soccer board.

        Coaches social being planned for March 8th at the K of C.†

        Food Pantry charitable work will be worked by Mike Boudreau.



XI ĖMeeting Adjourns @ 8:52



Appendix I

MYSL JANUARY 8th 2008 Meeting Minutes

Steve DeGaravilla



MYSL Season (U10, U12 and U14 have a 9 week season while the U16, U18 and U19 have a 7 week scheduleóno games scheduled for Memorial Day)

Saturday, April 5th for the U10, U12 and U14 levels (ends June 7th).

Sunday, April 6th for the U16, U18 and U19 levels (ends May 18th).

Referee Recertification: go to massref.net site to see the schedule

Referee Assignor recertification course: go to massref.net site to see this schedule as well (some mentioned that last course for recertification for ref assignor is Feb 9th in Westford, but check website).

Course schedule for new referee assignor will be posted on website after January 15th.

Tentative MYSL Schedule of Events

Wednesday, March 26th Coaches meeting for U12 and U14 at 7:30 PM. Site TBD

Thursday, March 27th Coaches Meeting for U10 at 7:00 and U16, U18 and U19 at 8:15 PM. Site TBD

Commissionerís Cup June 14 and 15 at Woburn

MTOC June 27 through 29 at Mass Youth Soccer Fields in Lancaster MA

Bob Fryer and the Competition Committee will decide the qualification procedures for the Commissionerís Cup and the MTOC.† These will be made public at the coaches meetings.



A player from the MYSL, Tim Conway from Billerica, was selected to the Chicago Fire during the leagueís supplemental draft.† He is currently in camp trying to make the team.

No roster changes will be accepted before March 1st.† Changes submitted before April 1st will not require a fee, but all those submitted after will be charged for add/drops.

North Reading is seeking to leave the Middlesex Youth Soccer League and enter the Essex Youth Soccer League.† Since their high school plays in the Cape Ann League, they felt it would be more appropriate for their youth teams to play in a league where their opponents would be teams from Cape Ann towns.

If the MYSL president, John Linnehan, gives his permission, then North Reading will change for the Fall 2008 season.† If they do not get permission, then they must wait until the Fall 2009 season.

There was heated discussion regarding adhering to the rules for team registration in the MYSL.† Tonight at least 6 teams petitioned to be allowed to register even though the deadline had passed.† The league registrar and others felt that the league has been too lax in maintaining deadlines and this creates an inordinate amount of work and frustration for the registrar, the boys and girls commissioners and the league scheduler.†

Two teams, Chelmsford BU16-1 and Wakefield BU18-1 were not placed in any divisions because they were each over rostered.†† Until this problem is rectified, these teams will not be placed.

Mary Rodgers returned packets to at least a dozen towns with roster problems that need to be corrected.† Wakefield has 9 rosters (not including the BU18-1 team) with corrections of one sort or another that need to be made and returned within the next 10 days.