Wakefield Youth Soccer

Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2008

Knights of Columbus



I. Call to Order: 8:05 PM


Board Members Present:

President Jim Fitzgerald; Vice President Mike Boudreau; Travel Coordinator Steve Logan; Treasurer Joe Tringale; MYSL Rep. Steve DeGaravilla; Intramural Coordinator Kevin Horrigan; Pictures Scott Robertson, Registrar John Bosco, Referee Coordinator Steve Nixon, Secretary Julie Fairweather, Webmaster Dan White


II. Secretary's Report:

·        Minutes from March meeting read and accepted.


III. Treasurer's Report:

·        Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.

·        In the area of researching a better return on our idle cash – Ultimate Money Market Account to get higher interest, will plan to close the savings account and transfer to the money market account.


IV. Vice-President/Equipment Manager:


VI.     Webmaster

·        Dan White revamped the whole website, the schedules for the travel teams are listed.  Remember that the schedules are only as good as Sports Manager’s ability to keep things up to date.

·        If the fields are cancelled there will be a notice on the home page.


VII    Pictures


VIII  Intramural Coordinator


IX  Travel Coordinator/MYSL


X.      President and General Information

·        Tomorrow evening (Friday 4.04), a limited number of teams can go into the Galvin or the Dolbeare if you are interested.

·        Practice schedule needs to be made – tough with too few fields but sign up for when you want and we’ll try to accommodate you.

·        U14 and U12 practice down at Walton.  U10s should practice down at the Beasley Oval.  Lacrosse practices there as well.  We need to figure out which nights are available to soccer teams.  Jim Fitzgerald will investigate.  Blatz (behind Woodville) might be available if softball is not practicing and behind the Walton Elementary school too.

·        Mapleway is a no for practices and games.  U10 will go to Yeull School field.

·        This weekend’s U10 games will not be played due to bad field conditions and anticipated bad weather.

·        If anyone has any adds or drops please let the board know.  There is a deadline that has to be met for this.

·        The 08-09 Fall Soccer Registrations will take place on Sunday, April 27th and before the May 1st Board meeting from 6 to 8 p.m.  Julie to put a notice in the paper and Dan to put it on the website.  The cost will be $70 for early bird and people who register after May 9th will pay $95.

·        Travel soccer tryouts will take place on May 18th and June 1st, times TBD.  Players will be notified of their team placement once school gets out in mid-June.



XI –Meeting Adjourns @ 9:00 p.m.



Minutes of MYSL Meeting 4/1/2008


Season scheduled to start Saturday, April 5 weather permitting.  Since more towns have turf, it was agreed that if those or any other towns can play, then they will be allowed to play to reduce the number of make-up games.


Dracut, Hanscom, Lowell, PAC and Westford fields are closed for Week 1.  No games in those towns in week 1. Subsequent email indicated Reading U10 and U12 fields are closed and those games are cancelled.


League Referee Assignor, Al Cosentino requests that towns inform him as soon as they make the decision to cancel games due to field conditions now and throughout the season.  If towns know this the day before games, please let him know then so he can inform the referees.  Please report cancellations as soon as possible to both Al Cosentino at acosentino@mayouthsoccer.org and on the referee web site, by emailing Clark Caplan at refereecoordinator@myslref.org.


4. Changing games requires the coach follow a specific protocol:

i. speak with age director at least two weeks before game in question (no last minute changes) to explain the situation to him/her to receive the go ahead

ii. arrange new time with opposing coach (offer him at least two acceptable dates-you must check with Steve Logan to make sure the field is available on those dates)

iii. reach agreement on date and report back to age director so he can inform referee assignor to schedule ref

iv. contact Town Coordinator (Stephen de Garavilla) to change the game on Sports Manager.

Remember if you don’t go through the age director, the game will not count even if it’s played.


Valid reasons for changing games were spelled out and they include but are not limited to school activities, school trips, graduations and religious events.  There is some additional flexibility in this wording of the rules but rescheduling due to April vacations is not a valid reason.  It is best to contact your age director and to explain your circumstances.


Reschedule cancelled games ASAP to avoid problems later in the season.  For any games cancelled in Week 1, every attempt should be made to make them up before May 1. The procedure to schedule make up games is the same as changing games.


Two rosters with player numbers added and pass cards are needed at each game.

No roster, no cards, no play.


Approval of game times of 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 AM for Wakefield U10 program was given.


Woburn Youth Soccer Association president, Paul Tobin proposed that the MYSL conduct a professional financial review of the prior fiscal year’s (November 1, 2006 to October 31, 2007) income and expenses.   Motion made and passed to solicit bids to accomplish this financial review and present the results at the July 2008 MYSL meeting since it was too late to accomplish this in time for the MYSL AGM in May.