Wakefield Soccer Association


July 10, 2008


Board members present: Mike B., Jim F., Steve L.,Kevin H.,Dan W., Joe T., Steve D., John B., Steve N.


General members present: Mark Stackhouse, Chris Butler, John Andragna, Lorenzo DiBenedetto, Dick Jennings, Anthony Desimone, Paul Melnason, Steve Wohler, Tom Guerreiro, Paul Burns, Dave Chapman.


Jim Fitzgerald read the minutes of the June Meeting


Joe Tringale read the treasurers report.


Mike Boudreau discussed ordering the new travel uniforms.†† And stated he would need intramural numbers shortly.


Dan White †stated that the transition to Go-Daddy was complete, and proposed the ides of reserving practice fields on the website.


Jim Fitzgerald discussed the results of the Wakefield Teams participating in the Commissioners Cup.† The U-16 girls were named Middlesex League champs, the U-18 girls finished second in the state.


Steve Logan discussed the travel team selection process and how two individuals were passed over during the process, because coaches thought other coaches had selected them.† The results indicate that some evaluators only put down a number, with no comments, other put only a team designation. Discussion ensued over the tone of the letter sent to applicant who did not make a travel team, with some suggesting it was demeaning.


Jim Fitzgerald stated that as part of the new bylaws, coaches would be required to participate in some other capacity.† Also discussed was changing the annual meeting from July to February.


Steve DeGaravilla discussed the Commissionerís Cup in detail.† Winners in the U-16 and U-18 were given t-shirts.


North Reading has left the Middlesex league and joined the Essex league.


A general discussion of numbers, Football vs. Soccer, Gym availability and field availability ensued.


Dick Jennings stated that the Board should make a concerted effort to get parents involved.


Joe Tringale stated that we should have an approval process for documents submitted for publication.


Jim Fitzgerald stated that to date, the number of signups for camps was low, and that coaches needed to talk it up.


Dave Chapman discussed the permit process.


Mike Boudreau discussed the net situation, and told travel teams to stay off Walton field while it is posted.


The field for the travel teams were determined to be the following:† U-14 at Walton, U-12 at Nasella, U-10 at Sullivan.