Wakefield Soccer Association

Meeting  Minutes

October 2, 2008



Board Members Present:

President Jim Fitzgerald; Vice President Mike Boudreau; Travel Coordinator Steve Logan; Intramural Coordinator Kevin Horrigan; Pictures Scott Robertson, Web Master Dan White; Town Coordinator Stephen de Garavilla; Registrar John Bosco



Secretary’s Report:

The minutes from the September 4, 2008 meeting were read by Steve Logan and are posted on the Wakefield Youth Soccer web site.



Treasurer’s Report:

The October Treasurer’s report was read by Jim Fitzgerald in Joe Tringale’s absence.  Electronic version of this report is attached at the bottom of this meeting minutes.



Vice President’s Report:

1.     Intramural equipment turn-in will be on Sunday, Nov 2nd from 6:00-7:00PM.

2.     Any additional equipment needs – please see Mike (have ice packs tonight)

3.     Still have extra coaches shirts & jackets if anyone didn’t get one

4.     Patches are available tonight for anyone participating in a Columbus Day Weekend Tournament



Webmaster’s Report:

1.      All team schedules are on our web site

2.      MYSL standings for all travel teams are also on web site



Picture Coordinator’s Report:

1.      Pictures should be available shortly and Scott will contact coaches to arrange for pick-ups at his house

2.      Scott is still looking for his keys!



Intramural Program (General discussion, question & answers):

1.      Practice schedules - over usage of Moulton currently – teams need to practice on the same field that they play on to mitigate this problem



Travel Team Report:

1.     Season is progressing well (weather is cooperating!)

2.     For make-up games, pick three dates from availability of your home field, present them to opposing coach, pick date and inform Steve Logan and Kevin Horrigan (referee assignor)



League Report:

1.      Rosters are closed.  League meeting will occur in a few days, so no other updates at this time.



General Information:

1.       The WSA-WHS Soccer Night on September 29 had a dismal attendance.  Next one is on October 16.  All coaches should encourage their players to attend.

2.       The Dolbeare School project is currently is on hold.  The field area needs more renovations (tree cutting, digging into a hill, etc.) than initially thought.  Mike Boudreau and Jim Fitzgerald to continue dialogue with Town officials to investigate possible solutions. 

3.       The Constitution and by-laws will be discussed at a later meeting.

4.       Field lining & equipment storage – coaches need to remember to return equipment to storage locations if they have the last game.  Field lining seems to be working well.



MLS Coach & Player Development Presentation

1.      Terry Gordon from MLS provided overview of their design surrounding potential options to better develop coaches and players using MLS resources.

2.      Board and other participants agreed that WSA needs more ongoing structure and training surrounding player and coach development



Wakefield Soccer Association, Inc.

Treasurer’s Report

Oct 2, 2008



      This report is for the month of Sept 2008.


      Beginning balances for the month were $50,285 in the checking account, $47,987 in the term deposit and $104,991 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $203,263.


            There were $5,037.58 in receipts for the month consisting of  Fall registrations of $4,861.58. We also recognize interest of $176.08 to the field/Money Market account and $6 interest in the operating account. The current rate is now 1.98%% and we have earned a total of $791 since we moved the money to this MM acct.


      Expenses for the month were $3,508 consisting of $166 in registration reimbursements, $250 donation to the Girls and Boys Varsity soccer programs as a renewal to the sign at Walton Field , $100 for renewal to our WCAT membership, $2340 for the U6 and U7 programs, $60 for State affiliation fees due to roster changes, $592.50 for paint, and $1,038 for referee uniforms, etc.


      Ending balances are $50,606 in the checking account, $47,987 in the term deposit and $105,167 in the field money market account (Sept reconciled), for a total cash balance of $203,760.




Submitted by:


Joe Tringale - Treasurer

WSA Treasurer