Wakefield Soccer Association

Meeting  Minutes

November 6, 2008



Board Members Present:

President Jim Fitzgerald; Vice President Mike Boudreau; Treasurer Joe Tringale; Travel Coordinator Steve Logan; Intramural Coordinator Kevin Horrigan; Pictures Scott Robertson, Web Master Dan White; Town Coordinator Stephen de Garavilla; Registrar John Bosco



Secretary’s Report:

The minutes from the October 2, 2008 meeting were read by Mike Boudreau and are posted on the Wakefield Youth Soccer web site.



Treasurer’s Report:

The October Treasurer’s report was read by Joe Tringale.  Electronic version of this report is attached at the bottom of this meeting minutes document and will be posted on the Wakefield Soccer web site.



Vice President’s Report:

1.     Intramural equipment turn-in was held on Sunday, Nov 2nd from 6:00-7:00PM.

2.     Size 5 attack balls to be returned to Reading Trophy for refund/credit (not holding air)



Webmaster’s Report:

1.      Team pictures are now on the web



Picture Coordinator’s Report:

1.      Nothing to report



Intramural Program (General discussion, question & answers):

1.      Kindergarten through Grade 3/4 programs went very well

2.      Significant discussion surrounding potential to split out grades 5/6 from grades 7/8 for girls only (field space and numbers are an issue)



Travel Team Report:

1.     Good job with make-ups

2.     A few minor issues with coaches, players and refs.

3.     Need input from coaches regarding placements of teams up or down a division

4.     Let Steve Logan know ASAP if someone has dropped off of your roster

5.     Player pass cards due January 6th, passcards complete by February 3rd



League Report:

1.      At least part of the roster process will be electronic in the Spring of 2009

2.     Roster changes due on 11/16 & 11/23.  Final roster changes for U10-U14 by December 31st; for U16-U18 in February

3.     Blank cards to go to John Bosco

4.     League will be tightening up zero tolerance policy; meeting later this month to discuss – will involve town soccer association presidents and town coordinators.



General Information:

1.       Winter programming – nothing centralized/formalized; travel teams are on their own; will have some gym time in Spring again

2.       New Field Use Fee for Town of Wakefield – expected to be $5/child

3.       Spring Field Usage – Jim Fitzgerald to have meeting with Recreation Department & other sports organization leaders to discuss.

4.       Constitution & Bylaws – Sole purpose for December 4th meeting



Wakefield Soccer Association, Inc.

Treasurer’s Report

Nov 6, 2008



      This report is for the month of Oct 2008.


      Beginning balances for the month were $50,606 in the checking account, $47,987 in the term deposit and $105,167 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $203,760.


            There were $818 in receipts for the month consisting of  Fall registrations of $659. We also recognized interest of $159.30 to the field/Money Market account and $5 interest in the operating account. The current rate is now 2% and we have earned a total of $950 since we moved the money to this MM acct. We also recorded $1334.95 in interest for the Term Deposit.


      Expenses for the month were $3049 consisting of $104 in registration reimbursements, $910 in referee expenses reimbursing the referees for taking the course, $2000 to MLS Camps as a deposit to hold our spot for next August and $70 for a filing fee for f/y 2008 to the Commonwealth of MA. The original check of $35 was returned as the fee was increased to $70 due to the amount of assets we carry.


      Ending balances are $48,221 in the checking account, $49,322 in the term deposit and $105,326 in the field money market account (Oct reconciled), for a total cash balance of $202,869.




Submitted by:


Joe Tringale - Treasurer

WSA Treasurer