Wakefield Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2009


Board Members Present:

President - Jim Fitzgerald; Treasurer - Joe Tringale; Secretary & Equipment Manager - Mike Boudreau; Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Intramural & Referee Coordinator - Kevin Horrigan; Web Master - Dan White; Town Coordinator - Stephen de Garavilla; Director of Fields & Facilities – Chris Barrett;  Registrar - John Bosco


Absent:; Director of Risk Management – role is currently vacant



Secretary’s Report:

The minutes from the March 5, 2008 meeting were read by Mike Boudreau and were accepted.  Minutes have been posted on the Wakefield Youth Soccer web site.



Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report for March was read by Joe Tringale.  Joe will be transferring $15 per player to the field account next week.  Still some unpaid players who should not be allowed to play on Saturday, March 7th, unless payment is received.  Electronic version of Treasurer’s report is attached at the bottom of this document and will be posted on the Wakefield Soccer web site.



 Secretary & Equipment Manager’s Report:


          Secretary’s report - need to develop documented policies for processes such          as check signing authority, tryouts, coach selection, etc.  Mike to take lead         on this effort.


          Equipment manager’s report -  Need someone to string U10 nets at Doyle      (Dick Jennings & Jim McGovern volunteered).  Need someone to line Doyle     field each week (Pam Veerman volunteered).  Need someone to line larger    playing area at Walton Field in orange/blue for soccer purposes and U10 make-up field within current U12 field at same location (Wade Parsons           volunteered).        



Webmaster’s Report:

1.      Sports manager functioning correctly

2.  1st and last games for Doyle posted (for equip pick-up and drop-off

3.  Currently cleaning up e-mail list



Intramural & Referee Coordinator’s Report:

     No report




Travel Team Report:

See separate report attached below:


Items for April


Filed Availability for practice

Walton Field


I.                    Dolbeare School          





Rain-outs (Home games)




Make-up games



·        All make-up games will be posted on the web so that coaches can see if/when the fields will be unavailable for practice

·        We will do our best to keep it up to date

·        Games have field priority over practice regardless of what division you are in



Sports Manager Schedule

·        Keep checking the schedule on Sports Manager, they can (and in the past have) change

·        Always call the other coach to verify times before your game.  Sports Manager is not perfect





Tryout Committee


2009-2010 Coaching Requests



As you begin your Spring 2009 season, I would like to wish you the Best of luck!!!!



League Report:

     Many of the players cards did not have orange stickers properly affixed, or on the cards at all.  Please see Steve if you have this issue.  Watermark rosters will be sent electronically to coaches.




General Information:

1.      Dolbeare Field discussion

2.   Mapleway Field discussion



Wakefield Soccer Association, Inc.

Treasurer’s Report

April 2, 2009



      This report is for the month of Mar 2009.


      Beginning balances for the month were $49,162 in the checking account, $49,691 in the term deposit and $105,970 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $204,823.


            There were $2,963 in receipts for the month consisting of  Spring Travel fees of $2,842. We also recognized interest of $121.13 to the field/Money Market account, $6 to the operating account and $0 in CD Interest.


      Expenses for the month were $985 consisting of $300 for the MLS camp permit, $618.30 for U16 Boys uniforms and $66 for registration refunds.


      Ending balances are $51,025 in the checking account, $49,691 in the term deposit and $106,091 in the field money market account (Feb reconciled), for a total cash balance of $206,807.




Submitted by:


Joe Tringale - Treasurer

WSA Treasurer