Wakefield Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2009


Board Members Present:

President - Jim Fitzgerald; Treasurer - Joe Tringale; Secretary & Equipment Manager - Mike Boudreau; Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Intramural & Referee Coordinator - Kevin Horrigan; Web Master - Dan White; Town Coordinator - Stephen de Garavilla; Director of Fields & Facilities – Chris Barrett;  Registrar - John Bosco


Absent:; Director of Risk Management – role is currently vacant



Secretary’s Report:

The minutes from the April 2, 2009 meeting were read by Mike Boudreau and were accepted.  Minutes have been posted on the Wakefield Youth Soccer web site.



Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report for April was read by Joe Tringale.  There are still some players who have not paid their Spring 2009 fees.  Electronic version of Treasurer’s report is attached at the bottom of this document and will be posted on the Wakefield Soccer web site.



 Secretary & Equipment Manager’s Report:


          Secretary’s report - need to develop documented policies for processes such          as check signing authority, tryouts, coach selection, etc. 


          Dolbeare School project was discussed, voted on and approved by full         membership


          Equipment manager’s report -  No report.    





Webmaster’s Report:

1.      Tryout and registration information on web site.  An e-mail blast was send to all players regarding the upcoming tryout sessions and registration requirements.

2.  Scheduled make-up games are posted on the website



Intramural & Referee Coordinator’s Report:

     No report



Travel Team Report:

1.      Most coaching positions have been assigned, but still doing a little refinement

2.   Coaches need to provide Tom with report cards

3.   Tryout process: U10 will play 3 v. 3, U12 will play 4 v. 4, U14 will play 5 v. 5 small sided grids.  All age divisions will have opportunity to play on full field (the number of players per team on the big field will reflect their age group, wherever possible).  All players will be given the opportunity to play on the big field.

4.   Tom is still looking for volunteers to staff the trout sessions.



League Report:

1.      Met Tuesday night (5/5).  League representative should have contacted teams about respective playoff structure.

2.   AGM meeting will be held on 5/12.  Steve Degaravilla, Tom Guerriero, Jim Fitzgerald and Mike Boudreau will attend.

3.   There have been a large number of yellow and red cards given out thus far this season.

4.   Hanscom Field – teams need to let the base know if your team is playing their in advance, providing a list of players and parents attending.








General Information:

1.      Field Use Committee – Will work with lacrosse and bring baseball and football where necessary.  Mapleway is the logical spot to focus on.  Jim Fitzgerald will be looking for volunteers to be on committee.

2.   Dolbeare Update – Equipment has been ordered.  Installation date has been tentatively set for June 13th.  Volunteers will be needed to assist.  Soccer field work is expected to begin early in the Summer, with planting of grass targeted for late Summer.  Field should be ready for us for Spring 2010 season.

3.   Pictures – Pictures will be taken the weekend of 9/19 - 9/20.  Scott will be attempting to schedule everything in one day, if possible.



Wakefield Soccer Association, Inc.

Treasurer’s Report

April 2, 2009



      This report is for the month of Mar 2009.


      Beginning balances for the month were $49,162 in the checking account, $49,691 in the term deposit and $105,970 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $204,823.


            There were $2,963 in receipts for the month consisting of  Spring Travel fees of $2,842. We also recognized interest of $121.13 to the field/Money Market account, $6 to the operating account and $0 in CD Interest.


      Expenses for the month were $985 consisting of $300 for the MLS camp permit, $618.30 for U16 Boys uniforms and $66 for registration refunds.


      Ending balances are $51,025 in the checking account, $49,691 in the term deposit and $106,091 in the field money market account (Feb reconciled), for a total cash balance of $206,807.




Submitted by:


Joe Tringale - Treasurer

WSA Treasurer