Wakefield Soccer Association

 Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2009


Board Members Present:

President - Jim Fitzgerald; Treasurer– Joe Tringale; Web Master - Dan White; Town Coordinator - Stephen de Garavilla; Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Intramural & Referee Coordinator - Kevin Horrigan;  Registrar – John Bosco; Director of Fields & Facilities – Chris Barrett


Absent: Secretary & Equipment Manager - Mike Boudreau



Kevin Horrigan welcomed the coaches to the meeting.  Since there were many new coaches in attendance, Kevin and the other members of the Board introduced themselves.  At the end, Kevin expressed thanks to all the new coaches for volunteering.



Secretary’s Report:

In the interest of time only the highlights from minutes from the August 6, 2009 meeting were read by Tom Guerriero. Subsequently, they were accepted.  Minutes have been posted on the Wakefield Youth Soccer web site.


Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report for August activity was read by Joe Tringale:


Wakefield Soccer Association, Inc.

Treasurer’s Report

Sept 3, 2009



      This report is for the month of August 2009.


        Beginning balances for the month were $56,844 in the checking account, $50,096 in the term deposit and $106,612 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $213,552.


There were $10,185.51 in receipts for the month consisting of Fall registrations of $5,370.51 and camp income of $4,815.00. We recognized interest of $126 to the field/Money Market account and $2 to the operating account.

      Expenses for the month were $16,376.67 consisting of $11,756 in uniforms (Travel $3905 and Intramural $7851) $1,300.00 for MYSL Friday night training, $93.98 to print new checks, $590.48 for registration refund and $2386.00 to MLS Camps for their final payment and $250 for the welding of the goals that was set up by Wade Parsons.


      Ending balances are $50,652.84 in the checking account, $50,096 in the term deposit and $106,738 in the field money market account (July reconciled), for a total cash balance of $207,487.




Submitted by:


Joe Tringale - Treasurer

WSA Treasurer



Webmaster’s Report:

Changes to the web site are still in the planning stage.  The items below took precedence in order to prepare for the season:

o       Intramural information/schedules

o       Travel team information with associated links to schedules and standings

o       Field status message


In addition to the above, many features have been added to the front page: these include the schedule for the Player/Coach Development Program (which includes a link to the session plans), make-up games notices, and an expanded calendar.


 Equipment Manager’s Report:  Announcements made by Tom Guerriero for Mike Boudreau


-         Travel uniforms distributed.  Please contact Mike by September 8th if you need different sizes.

-         Intramural equipment has been distributed.

-         Mike has placed an order for additional equipment please contact him if you have additional equipment needs



Field lining/field preparation for start of season

All fields except Mapleway, Moulton and Doyle have been lined.  Jim F. asked for volunteers to help line these fields.


All corner flags, medicine bags, etc, have been dropped off at their "in season" storage locations (Sullivan - corner flags at Mike B’s house, Nasella - corner flags and medicine bag at Fitz' house, Moulton - corner flags and medicine bag at Steve D's house, Doyle - flags, medicine bag and goals at John Bosco's house, Walton - corner flags in gang box, Mapleway - corner flags and medicine bag at Chris Rascher's house



Sullivan, Walton, Mapleway and Nasella already have sandbags on the goals, the nets at Moulton  have spikes.  Doyle only uses hockey-sized goals and the spikes are in the bags for those nets at John Bosco's house.


Field liners: Sullivan - Jim McGovern, Mapleway - Chris Rascher, Walton - DPW, Nasella - Anthony Desimone, Moulton - kindergarten boxes done by Steve D, but still need someone to line the larger field during the season, Yuelle - covered by Steve D or his designee, Doyle - Mike Boudreau.


Intramurals Report and general discussion

To date we do not have an intramural coordinator.

Kevin Horrigan asked the intramural coaches to see him at the end of the meeting so that he could go over some preseason items with them.


Travel Teams Report and general discussion

Tom G reviewed the procedure that travel coaches would need to follow to view their schedule.  He strongly advised that the coaches check their schedule on a weekly basis since it can change secondary to the individual town’s field availability.  He also encouraged the coaches to contact opposing coach a few days before the schedule game so that time and place can be confirmed.


Tom informed the coaches that they would be receiving e-mail before the start of the season which would describe make-up procedures, roster management and general expectations.


Player/Coach Development Program w/ State Trainers

The program began on August 21st as scheduled.  The first week’s session had to be moved to Walton field (behind the Galvin).

Subsequent sessions were held at Moulton playground.

The state coaches do send Tom G. feed back after each session.  Tom will be forwarding these e-mails to the coaches.  To date the feedback is that the coaches need to be there 15 minutes before the session starts.



Middlesex League Report: Presented by Stephen de Garavilla

-         The MYSL coaches’ meeting occurred on September 2nd

-         Two copies of the rule book were presented to each coach.

-         Copies for those that were not able to attend can be obtained from Tom G.

-         Rosters:

§        These will be e-mail to you by Tom G.

§        Bring two copies to each game (make sure that the shirt numbers are filled in)

§        Try not to use photocopies (the “Approved” watermark is not visible on photocopies)


-         Coaches of any travel teams playing at Hanscom need to submit a list of players, coaches and all spectators to the Hanscom coach or preferably the Hanscom town coordinator, Ann Marie Ely as Hanscom.TC@middlesexsoccer.org before the prior Wednesday so that they will be cleared to get on base..



Pictures Sept. 19th & 20th

Pictures are scheduled for these dates.  Scott Robertson will be joining us towards the end of the meeting to discuss details.  If he is unable to join, an e-mail describing the process/schedules, etc. will be sent to both intramural and travel coaches.


WSA-WHS Soccer Night(s) to be determined

We have not received any dates from the high school teams.


WSA at New England Revolution

The New England Revolution representative continues to contact the Board with special promotional offers.  These have been forwarded to the coaches so that they can discuss with their respective teams.


Final words / next meeting  October 1, 2009

Coaches best of luck in the coming season!!