Wakefield Soccer Association

 Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2009


Board Members Present:

President - Jim Fitzgerald; Treasurer– Joe Tringale; Secretary & Equipment Manager – Mike Boudreau; Web Master - Dan White; Town Coordinator - Stephen de Garavilla; Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Intramural & Referee Coordinator - Kevin Horrigan;  Registrar – John Bosco; Director of Fields & Facilities – Chris Barrett


Absent: Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Intramural & Referee Coordinator – Kevin Horrigan



Secretary’s Report:

Minutes from the September 3, 2009 meeting were read by Mike Boudreau. Subsequently, they were accepted.  Minutes have been posted on the Wakefield Youth Soccer web site.


Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report for September activity was read by Joe Tringale:


Wakefield Soccer Association, Inc.

Treasurer’s Report

Oct 1, 2009



      This report is for the month of September 2009.


        Beginning balances for the month were $50,652 in the checking account, $50,096 in the term deposit and $106,738 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $213,552.


            There were $10,098 in receipts for the month consisting of Fall registrations of $9,985. We recognized interest of $113 to the field/Money Market account and $2 to the operating account.



      Expenses for the month were $22,957 consisting of $317, in add’l Travel uniforms, $2,980 for MYSL U6,U7 & G-course night training, $32 for supplies (tape measure), $960 for registration refund, $385 for State filing fees and Tax return prep, $4,268 paid to MYS for the first affiliation fee charges for 2009, $214 to refund a family that paid but never attended the MLS Camp, $925 to Tstop for coaches shirts, Donation of $250 to the varsity soccer program, and $12,626 to reading trophy for equipment (pinneys, balls, etc). We also had a check bounce in the amount of $214. We have since received a new check.


      Ending balances are $37,466 in the checking account, $50,096 in the term deposit and $106,851 in the field money market account (Aug reconciled), for a total cash balance of $194,413.




Submitted by:


Joe Tringale - Treasurer

WSA Treasurer



Webmaster’s Report:

1) Standings problem was corrected

2) Make-up games are posted

3) Rainout notifications will be posted on website by no later than 7:00AM on Saturdays, and no later than 9:00Am on Sundays

4) Fahey Tire/Uniroyal free soccer ball offer has been posted

5) Restrooms to be positioned at Walton & Nasella fields

6) Revised field permits posted (Sullivan Field change)

7) Need freshmen high school schedule to post


 Equipment Manager’s Report:


                   No update this month



Field lining/field preparation


1) Paul Hendriks lining Moulton Field for kindergarten program

2) Dion Viera lining Yuelle filed for 1st grade program

3) The team playing the first game at a field is responsible for picking up supplies (corner flags, med kits, etc.) and last team playing at field needs to return supplies


Intramurals Report and general discussion

1a  Please remind travel coaches to fill out referee reports (good and bad) after each home game. If I don't hear about an issue, I don't know about an issue nor do I know who is adequate and who is doing a good job.


1b  Intramural coaches can direct their referee reports to me.


2  Intramural coaches, please remember, your goal is to have each one of your kids return next year and enjoy soccer.  You should be rotating kids through all the positions, not slotting them at only the position they or you think they are best suited for.


Might want to touch on zero tolerance issue.  I've had examples of demeaning talk between teammates, as well as between teams.


Travel Teams Report and general discussion


Protocol for game cancellations and reschedules:

We as a Board try to cancel games due to inclement weather as soon as humanly possible.  Given that we live in New England , the weather conditions that effect the field status can change within second, so please be patient.

As far as reschedules go, Tom G. sent an e-mail covering this subject shortly after the cancellations of our 1st week home games.  If coaches would like to receive that e-mail again please let us know and Tom will do so.


Travel team Report and general discussion:

All but two of week one home games have been played or rescheduled.  Special thanks to Pam V. for rescheduling her game as an away game.  When choosing  dates for make-ups please be mindful of the field's availability.  You can check that by viewing our permits which are posted on the website.  Please remember that make-up games take precedence over practices.


Practice schedules:  Please advise Tom G and/or Dan if you make changes to your practice times.  The value of having the practice schedules available on-line is diluted if changes occur and are not communicated.  If there are multiple teams practicing (and given our limited field space, there most likely will be), please work amicably with each other.  Let us set a good example for our players.


Player/Coach Development Program w/State Coaches:

The program is going well.  Tom G has been forwarding the feedback that he receives after each session.  Overall the feedback has been positive.  One common trend is that the coaches are having difficulty getting to the sessions 15 minutes before the start.  Please remember that those 15 minutes are there to your benefit.  The state coaches use this time to help you understand how the practice concept should be thought.


Please be mindful that changes can (have) taken place.  For examples, the times slots have been changing so as to accommodate the coaches' work schedules.  Dan W. does a superb job in keeping the website current.  Please visit it before your session.  Also encourage the parents to visit it so that they can view any current message about inclement weather cancellations.


Lastly:  The most current change is the field location.  Due to the fact that it is getting dark sooner, all sessions going forward will take place at Walton Field (behind the Galvin Middle School).  Please remeber not to impeed any high school activities that are going on.


If you have any questions on the above items present for Tom, please feel free to contact him via e-mail.

In closing, Tom extends his apologies for not being here this evening



Middlesex League Report:


No league meeting yet this month so no report



New England Breakers Presentation

Megan from the New England Breakers organization spoke about next season, which will include some great new roster additions, going from 20 to 24 home games, and several group nights planned



Final words / next meeting  November 5, 2009


Coaches best of luck in the coming season!!