Wakefield Soccer Association

 Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2010


Board Members Present:

President - Jim Fitzgerald; Treasurer– Joe Tringale; Secretary & Equipment Manager – Mike Boudreau; Town Coordinator - Stephen de Garavilla; Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Intramural & Referee Coordinator - Kevin Horrigan; Web Master – Dan White; Director of Fields & Facilities – Chris Barrett; Registrar – John Bosco


Absent: None



Secretary’s Report:

Minutes from the December 3, 2009 meeting were read by Mike Boudreau. Subsequently, they were accepted.  Minutes have been posted on the Wakefield Youth Soccer web site.



Treasurer’s Report:


Wakefield Soccer Association, Inc.

Treasurer’s Report

Jan 7,2010



     This report is for the month of December 2009.


     Beginning balances for the month were $22,822 in the checking account, $50,719 in the term deposit and $107,085 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $180,626.


          There were $0 in receipts for the month. We recognized interest of $107 to the field/Money Market account, $2 to the operating account.



     Expenses for the month were $12,831 consisting of $11,734 in MYSA affiliation fees (remainder of Fall and also Spring Travel fees), $75 paid to referees for a bridge course reimbursement, $15 to Comm of MA , and $1,007.50 to MYSA for the last half of the U6 and U7 program. 


     Ending balances are $9,992 in the checking account, $50,719 in the term deposit and $107,192 in the field money market account (Nov reconciled), for a total cash balance of $167,902.


Submitted by:


Joe Tringale - Treasurer

WSA Treasurer


Note: Spring Travel Fee letters will be sent out shortly and are due by March 1st.  No increase in fees ($75/$120/$140)


Webmaster’s Report:

                1) Indoor gym times to be posted

          2) Need to advertise Board positions and AGM on Website



 Equipment Manager’s Report:

          1) Will deal with any outstanding equipment turn-ins individually

                2) Need resolution on whether there will be U16 & U18 Boys teams     in Spring in order to order uniforms (there will be two girls teams)




Intramurals & Referee Report

No report



Travel Teams Report and General discussion


Parents Evaluation of coaches

To date Tom G only received a handful of evaluations.  They were submitted electronically via e-mail.  The majority were evaluations of intramural coaches.  Only one was the evaluation of a travel coach.  All evaluations were very positive.  Joe T. gave Tom evaluations that were received at our PO Box.  Tom G will review these and report back to the group next month.


Travel Coach Assignments for the 2010-2011 season

The 2010-2011 travel coaches will be select via an application process.  Tom G will have the application posted on the website by next month.  I will either be a Word format (which can be filled in and e-mailed to Tom) or a PDF format (which can be printed and mailed to Tom via the PO Box).  Please remember that the application will only ask for gender and age group that one wishes to volunteer for and not the particular divisions.


Tryout Committee

Tryouts will be held on May 23rd and June 6th, the Sunday before and Sunday after Memorial Day.  Tom G  will be sending an e-mail later this month asking for volunteers for the tryout committee.


Spring Placements

Coaches please send e-mail to Tom G, which states what division you want to play in this spring.  Please include 3 to 4 reasons why you want to play in this division.  Steve de Garavilla and Tom need to have this information before the February 2nd league placement meeting.



Middlesex League Report:

1) League is evaluating divisional placement and striving to have Division 1 & 2 very competitive

2) For Spring season there will be a Division 5

3) Spring season will run from 4/10-6/12.

4) Referees need re-certification for Spring season (all set per Kevin)

5) Commissioner’s Cup will be in Woburn this year (June 20-21) and MTOC will be June 27-28.

6) Big push for more development of TOPS programs (trying to get more $$$ - Chris Calnan to lead effort for WSA).  Symposium on TOPS March 19-21st.


Field/Facility Use For Spring 2010:

1) Galvin Middle School will be available for the 3 weeks leading up to the beginning of the Spring season for indoor workouts.  Individual teams are welcome to investigate alternative indoor sites, but will bear 100% of the financial burden.

2)Walton Field will be heavily used(Meeting with lacrosse folks soon regarding scheduling)

2) When Walton not available for practice Beasely Oval will need to be used (nned to put goals/nets down there)

3) Dolbeare – hoping to use mid-way through season (games only, more than likely).  Doyle School will be the primary location for the U10 program.

4) Recreation Dept Meeting on January 20th– Jim, Mike & Joe to attend



Final words / next meeting  January 7, 2009


1) Board positions available; elections take place at February Annual General Meeting

2) Soccer Camps 2010 – MLS is now North American ………  Terry Gordon has moved to Challenger