Minutes of Wakefield Soccer Association

February 4, 2010 - 8pm

Knights of Columbus Hall



1. President’s Report and Opening Comments

Board Members Present:

President – Mike Boudreau; Secretary – Leslie Samuelrich; Treasurer – Joe Tringale; Town Relations – Stephen de Garavilla; Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Director of Equipment – Erik Domingo; Referee Coordinator – Kevin Horrigan; Web Master – Dan White; Director of Fields and Facilities – Jim McGovern; Immediate Past President – Jim Fitzgerald

Board Members Not Present:

Registrar – John Bosco


§         Mike Boudreau, the newly elected President of WSA, chaired the meeting and introduced all the board members and welcomed all the attendees.


§         Patrick Sullivan, an Eagle Scout from the Wakefield Boy Scouts, described his proposed project, which is to build an equipment shed to store WSA soccer equipment at the Dolbeare School. Patrick has secured all the needed town permissions. Patrick estimated the cost as $1,200. The project will be completed in Spring 2010.


§         Mike Boudreau thanked Chris Barrett for his service in the last year as Field Director and Jim Fitzgerald for all of his dedication and many hours of work over the last three years. Mike welcomed all the new board members, as well as thanked the returning board members.


§         Mike shared his priorities for the coming year of recruitment of new volunteers, field space for fall and spring seasons, frequent and open communication, reviewing mission and vision and accompanying strategies, continued improvement of player and coach skills, better alignment with the high school soccer programs, fundraising.


2. Secretary’s Report

Mike Boudreau shared the minutes from the January 7, 2010 meeting.


3.      Treasurer’s Report

The report is for the month of January 2010.


Beginning balances for the month were $9,992 in the checking account, $50,719 in the term deposit and $107,192 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $167,902.


There was $6,042 in receipts for the month. Spring Travel fees of $5,930, interest of $111 to the field/Money Market account, $1 to the operating account.


Expenses for the month were $2,406 consisting of $1685 to Reading Trophy for paint we never rec’d invoices for in the fall, $95 for postage and printing costs associated with the travel fee letters, and $625 for the rental of the gym for pictures back in September


Ending balances are $13,517 in the checking account, $50,719 in the term deposit and $107,303 in the field money market account (Dec reconciled), for a total cash balance of $171,539.


4.   Webmaster’s Report

Dan White reported that the WSA website is up to date and ready for updates for indoor practices and other upcoming events.


5.      Winter indoor practices

March 20/21, March 26/27 and April 1/2 is currently earmarked for indoor soccer practice.  Sign ups for timeslots will be held at the next monthly meeting.


6.      Field arrangements (Spring 2010)

The following is secured for the spring:

- Doyle School – Saturdays from 8-2PM

- Walton – Saturdays from 8 – 3PM for games and Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-10PM for practices

- Beasley Oval (behind High School) – Monday and Wednesdays, 6-9PM

- Lower Common by the Lake – Potential use for practices during the week.


Discussion was held about the lack of adequate fields, especially for the older-age teams and Mike suggested that the board would need to delve into the issue more and likely form a committee to take up these issues and asked for interested volunteers to submit his/her name.


A number of members suggested that the WSA also look at other options including renting space from other towns, fundraising or grant seeking.  Dave Chapman volunteered to investigate renting space in other towns.


7.      Travel Program

Tom Guerriero reported that the roster and player cards are not yet completed and the Add/Drop period is extended for coaches to Sunday.


Tom also reviewed the team placements for the spring season and how they were decided at the Middlesex League level.


Tom also reviewed the indoor practice set-up for the Galvin gym and will have a sign-up sheet at the monthly March meeting. Coaches will also be able to sign up for preferred spring travel slots. Tom will also be convening the Tryout Committee in the next month and is submitting the new Coaches Application.  Tom has only received 17 coach evaluations from parents with 12 of them being from the intramural coaches and will revamp the process for soliciting evaluations next fall.


8.   Middlesex League Report

Steve de Garavilla reported on the status of WSA team roster and pass cards and on process for each town to arrange spring schedules.


9. Summer Camps 2010

Jim Fitzgerald reported that MLS will not be operating this summer season and there are a few options that WSA can choose for this summer.


10.     Other Business

§         Boston Breakers. Joe Tringale asked if there was any interest in sponsoring a group of players to attend a game this spring. 

§         Player coverage.  We also clarified that anyone that practices with a WSA team must be registered as a WSA player.

§         Coach training. Tom Guerriero suggested that to teach more advanced skills to the WSA coaches, the WSA should host an “E” level course in the next year.


11.    Next meeting 

The next meeting is set for March 4, 2010 at 8PM.


12.     Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15PM