Wakefield Soccer Association

Monthly Meeting Agenda

March 4, 2010 - 8pm

Knights of Columbus Hall



Ÿ         President’s Opening Comments and Report

Mike Boudreau asked for a Moment of Silence to honor Kelly McLean, a U12 player, who passed away suddenly this week.


Board Members Present:

President – Mike Boudreau; Secretary – Leslie Samuelrich; Treasurer – Joe Tringale; Town Relations – Stephen de Garavilla; Travel Coordinator – Tom Guerriero; Director of Equipment – Erik Domingo; Web Master – Dan White; Director of Fields and Facilities – Jim McGovern; Immediate Past President – Jim Fitzgerald

Board Members Not Present:

Referee Coordinator – Kevin Horrigan and Registrar – John Bosco



Ÿ         Board report - Mike Boudreau reported on the highlights of the Board meeting


Ÿ         Secretary’s Report - Minutes from February 4, 2009 Meeting

Leslie Samuelrich read the minutes from the past meeting.  Mike moved to approve and Tom Guerriero seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Ÿ         Treasurer’s Report

Beginning balances for the month were $13,517 in the checking account, $50,719 in the term deposit and $107,303 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $171,539.


There were $6,120 in receipts for the month. Spring Travel fees of $6,010 interest of $109 to the field/Money Market account, $2 to the operating account.


Expenses for the month were $2,799 consisting of $1500 to Mass Youth Soccer to register the U16 b& U18 teams, $1200 to purchase the Home Depot card for the storage shed being built by the Eagle Scouts, $26.55 paid to Mike for clean up bags and $72 to rent the PO box for another year


Ending balances are $16,729 in the checking account, $50,719 in the term deposit and $107,412 in the field money market account (Jan reconciled), for a total cash balance of $174,860.


Ÿ         Webmaster’s Report

Dan White reported updated that the registration information was updated.  Dan also said that indoor practice schedules and summer camp information will be posted as soon as it is finalized.


U16 and U18 Registration discussion. Steve Logan has a roster for a GU-16 that has been submitted to the League, but has not received any checks yet.


Mike moved to have more discussion about registration after the meeting with Steve Logan and Tom Guerriero.


Mike reiterated that players cannot play until they are registered. Joe will send out an updated registration/payment list before the March 12th.  Players can bring a check to their first practice and still be able to play.


Ÿ         Winter activity (indoor practices)

Indoor practice schedules:

We have four practice slots – the weekends of March 13/14, March 20/21 and March 27/28.  We also have practice times on Saturday, April 3 and an alternative Tuesday to make up for Easter Sunday.


In addition, there are extra time slots available that players/teams can pay for and use.  WSA will pay the official bill and coaches will reimburse WSA with player contributions.


Players in need of financial assistance, should contact Treasurer Joe Tringale.


Ÿ         Field arrangements (Spring 2010)

Tom Guerriero asked for field preferences from the coaches.  U10s should stay at Beasley Oval.


Mike also noted that at least 4-5 portable goals also are available to use if a team uses the Lower Common by the lake.


Mike noted that we are still working on getting the permits.


Mike will look into Sunday night availability after 6PM might be available.

U14 and U12 games will be at Galvin and U10 games will be held at Doyle.  Tom expressed hope that the U10 field at Dolbeare might be available by mid-season.


Ÿ         Travel Program Update

Tom reiterated that interested people should fill out the coaching application, which is available on the WSA website, by April 1st.


Ÿ         Middlesex League Report

Steve de Garavilla noted that the Middlesex League meeting was postponed until next week.


Ÿ         Summer Camp. Discussion about camp plan and team option.


New Business


Jim Grady reported on the Boston Breaker night that will be open and scheduled for mid-May through mid-June.


Mike Boudreau announced the passing.of player and 6th grader Kelly McLean and noted that the WSA will be sending flowers and having a moment of silence at the beginning of each game.


Ÿ         Final words / next meeting  April 1, 2010


Ÿ         Adjournment