Wakefield Youth Soccer Association

Monthly Meeting

April 1, 2010  

Board members present:  Dan White (Website), Eric Domingo (Equipment), Jim McGovern (Fields), David Dube (Intramurals), Mike Boudreau (President), Joe Tringale (Treasurer), Steve DeGaravilla (MYSL Rep.), Jim Fitzgerald (Past President), Tom Guerriero (Travel). Kevin Horrigan (Referees) 

Mike Boudreau opened the meeting by welcoming David Dube as the new Director of Intramurals.  Kyle Lindsay from the New England Revolution then gave a short presentation regarding fund raising activities available through the Revolution. 

Mike spoke about the Kelly McLean patches, describing where they should be placed on the travel uniforms and the intention to create a CSF scholarship in her name.  He mentioned that plans were to conduct a “scholarship” walk on May 13.  Mike also mentioned that WSa is currently going through a “Y-SAT” program evaluation with SoccerPlus, with the goal to inform the organization’s strategic plan going forward. 

Online Registration is open, minimal response to date.  WSA will need to do more to publicize the fact that it is open 

Mike read the minutes from the March meeting in Ms. Samuelrich’s absence. 

Joe Tringale read the Treasurers report for the month of March 2010. 

      Beginning balances for the month were $16,729 in the checking account, $50,719 in the term deposit and $107,412 in the field account, for a total cash balance of $174,860.

There were $7,188 in receipts for the month. Spring Travel fees of $6,636 interest of $98 to the field/Money Market account, $1 to the operating account, $303 to the term deposit and finally the $150 from Uniroyal for their soccer ball promotion in the fall. 

Expenses for the month were $2,926 consisting of $1,413 to Challenger for the uniforms for U16 b& U18 teams, $1,500 to Rucci Badaro & Barrett for the 2009 accounting fees and $13 to Dan White for supplies. 

Ending balances are $20,590 in the checking account, $51,023 in the term deposit and $107,511 in the field money market account (Jan reconciled), for a total cash balance of $179,124. 

Dan White spoke of the current status of the website. 

Jim McGovern spoke on the Field situation, and requested assistance in the initial lining Doyle and Walton Field on Friday April 2, and requested volunteers for Field lining throughout the season.  Mike also mentioned that teams were to use sneakers only on the fields until you hear differently. 

Tom Guerriero spoke regarding the Travel program and the need for all coaches to sign the Coaches Code of Conduct statement. 

Steve DeGaravilla spoke regarding the upcoming Middlesex League season, emphasizing that schedules do change and that coaches need to confirm with their opponents regarding the schedule.  Games are scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, if they cannot be played that weekend they need to be made up prior to that weekend.  The Commissioners Cup is scheduled for the weekend of June 19-20 and the MTOC for the weekend following that.  Steve also discussed the Coaches Code of Conduct and the emphasis that the Middlesex league is putting on the general behavior of coaches, players and parents. 

Tom G. spoke about the upcoming tryouts, currently scheduled for May 23rd and June 6th.  The High School coaching staff will serve as the primary evaluators for the tryouts with a few volunteer evaluators still needed. 

Mike spoke to the travel coaches present, stating if they desired to play in tournaments, they need to let Eric know so that he could acquire a sufficient number of patches. 

Mike then addressed the roster additions policy, in regards to the Boys U12-2 team’s request to add a player who had not tried out in the fall to their team. Mike stated that it was his opinion that the open spot should be offered to those players on the Boys U12-3 team first, and then players who were not chosen for a team, prior to selection of someone who had not tried out. Tom G. noted that the letter that was sent to those travel candidates who were not selected for a team specifically stated “Should a vacancy develop on one of the travel teams, you will be considered for that position.”  After much discussion, it was voted by the meeting that the vacancy should be filled in the manner stated above. 

The selection of Challenger for the summer camp option was discussed.  There will be a 2 hour session for the pre-k children in the morning, with a full 3 hour sessions for the two other age groups in the morning and in the evening. 

The Dolbeare School field was discussed.  Based on its current condition, it does not appear likely that games will be played on Dolbeare in the spring.  The need to keep softball and baseball teams off the field to allow the grass to establish itself was discussed. 

Motion to adjourn