Travel Reschedule Process

This process is for rescheduling games when your team is the HOME team only.


Step 1

  • Please read through pages 15-20 of the ECYSA Operating Rules to ensure rescheduling is an option: HERE
    • Generally, reschedules are only approved for academic school or religious events
  • If rescheduling is not an option or the request is denied, player pass options might help to play the game as scheduled.

Step 2 – Submit Reschedule Request

  • The initial request needs to be submitted to WSA by the Tuesday before the scheduled game.
  • Fill out this form as an initial notification to the Travel Directors that you would like to reschedule a game: Initial Request
  • You will receive an email confirmation from ECYSA once the request has been received into their system.
  • Soon after, you will receive an email from ECYSA indicating approval or denial of the request.

Step 3 – Submit Reschedule Details

  • If the request is approved, the travel director will reach out to you so that the remaining reschedule details can be arranged and confirmed with the coach of the visiting team.
  • Once you have those details, fill out the Reschedule Details form so that the Travel Director may submit the details for the rescheduled date, time, and location ECYSA.  Reschedule Details