Grade 2 Jamboree

Wakefield Soccer Association is happy to provide this fun opportunity for Grade 2 players.   We hope that kids will have a great day of playing, learning some new soccer skills, and enjoying a very casual tournament experience, probably the first for most of them.  Our goal is for this event to be very exciting and memorable for players, parents, and spectators.


Questions?   Email us at:  [email protected]


  • There are separate boys and girls divisions
  • Players must be in Grade 2 AND born between  8/1/ 2010 and 9/30/2011
  • Format is 5 v 5 (including a goalkeeper)
  • Each team will play 3 games
  • Teams will play a game, rest a game, play a game, rest a game, then play their final game
  • There are no additional championship rounds or playoffs
  • This is a Non-patch tournament
  • Cost is $150 per team
  • All players, coaches and assistant coaches must be registered/affiliated with MYSA.
  • Roster sizes 5 (min) – 10 (max) players
  • Games will consist of two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute half-time break
  • All players will receive a participatory medal

Team Registration Info:


  • Registration fee per team is $150
  • Last day to register is November 7, 2018
  • Only the first 32 teams to register will be accepted
  • All players, coaches and assistant coaches must be registered/affiliated with MYSA.
  • Rosters:
    • Players must be in Grade 2 AND born between  8/1/ 2010 and 9/30/2011
    • Minimum number of players per team is:  5
    • Maximum number of players per team is:  10
    • Players can only be rostered on one team.
    • Must include 1 or 2 coaches
    • A team may be composed of both genders in which case the team must play in the boys’ division.

Reserve your spot — register your team:

Follow these steps to register your team.

1…Submit your team info HERE

2…Click on Buy Now to pay team fee



3…Download and fill out roster form

PDF Roster Form     Word Roster Form

4… Non-Wakefield teams only — Complete medical release and waiver

A form must be completed for each player in order for the player to participate.

Click here to download form

Wakefield teams – we already have your waivers for the season.

5…Turn in your roster, medical releases/waivers and pick up Coaches packet on:

Friday, November 9, 2018
         6:00 – 9:00 pm

Americal Civic Center
Heritage Room
467 Main St, Wakefield, MA 


Refund Policy

  • If a team withdraws after November 4, 2018 and a replacement team is found, the withdrawing team’s registration fee, minus a $50 admin charge, will be refunded.
  • If games are postponed to the rain date, and games are not able to be played on the rain date, due to weather or otherwise, the jamboree will be canceled and all registered teams will receive a full refund.

Game Rules

  • The current USSF Administration Handbook Rules shall govern the tournament, except as stated otherwise in these rules.
  • If the minimum number of players (five) are not present at the start time of the game, adjustments will be made to allow all kids to play.
  • All teams are scheduled to play two twenty-minute running-time halves with a five-minute halftime.
  • Format is 5 v 5 including a goalkeeper
  • A size 3 game ball will be used.
  • The number of substitutions is unlimited.
  • Substitutions that are permitted by the referee can be made any time there is a stoppage of play.
  • Goal area is 3 yards from each goal post and 3 yards into field of play.
  • Start of play for each half will begin at the halfway line.
  • Goalkeepers:
    • can handle the ball anywhere in the goal area.
      If handled outside the goal area, the opposing team is awarded a free kick at midfield
    • must wear pinnie or alternate jersey
    • may not punt or drop kick the ball
    • must throw or drop ball to feet and pass
  • There are no penalty kicks or offsides.
  • There is no penalty area.
  • On a goal kick, the ball must pass the goal area line to be considered in play.  The opposing team must retreat to the halfway line.

Field Regulations

All of the following are PROHIBITED:

  • smoking, vaping or use of tobacco products
  • alcohol
  • glass containers
  • grills (gas or charcoal)
  • pets
  • bikes/skateboards/rollerblades
  • motor vehicles

Spectators must stay/watch on the side opposite the teams.

Tents/canopies will be allowed in restricted areas only.

Anyone violating any of the above rules will be asked to leave the premises.


All games will be played at Walsh Field, 15 Hemlock Road, Wakefield, MA.  The field is next to the Wakefield Memorial High School.

Click HERE for map and directions.

Parking is available in various school parking lots around Hemlock Road and along Farm St.