MYSA Adult Registration

Instructions for the 2020-2021 Soccer Year

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To participate in any WSA soccer activity, adults (coaches, administrators, referees, volunteers) must complete and/or pass the 5 steps below to comply with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (“MYSA”) and state/federal regulations.   Once completed, an adult credential will be provided, allowing the adult to participate in this soccer year (Sept 2020 – Aug 2021).

  1. Register with MYSA  — this must be done EVERY soccer year
  2. Pass CORI and national background checks  — must reapply every 3 years
  3. Take the Safesport Abuse Prevention — initial course for new adults or refresher course for returning adults
  4. Take the CDC concussion course if one has never been taken or your certificate expires before July 2021
  5. Obtain CORI-Verification which is a one-time validation of your CORI Acknowledgment form and government-issued photo ID  conducted by WSA’s CORI submitter.

MYSA has provided extensive documentation and instructions for completing the above steps on their website.  Please use them.

Tips for First-time Adult Participants:

      • The whole process will take at least 3 hours.  Please plan accordingly.
      • When creating the various accounts required, use the same email, first name, and last name for all of the accounts.  This will make your life much easier as you go through all the steps.
      • Have a passport-quality photo in a file ready to be uploaded  – headshot only, no hats, no sunglasses, good lighting.  Unacceptable photos will be deleted.
      • The Safesport Abuse prevention training can take up to 2 hours.  Don’t delay in starting this training.
      • you do NOT have to upload a copy of your driver’s license. You only need to show it to our CORI administrator for verification.

To get started, go to the  MYSA ADULT REGISTRATION web page  and start working your way through the steps under the Adult Registration Checklist section.

For questions, email [email protected].