Wakefield has a long tradition of having a great referee program, and we need your help to continue it.

To maintain a successful soccer program, it is vital to have a large number of local referees. In addition to the league needing center referees for U10, U12, and U14 games in the fall and spring, and U16/U18 games in the spring, assistant referees are needed in both the fall and the spring for U12 and U14 games.  We also need referees in the fall for intramural games.

Referees are paid for each game they ref. Pay rates are dependent on the age group of the game, the type of game (travel vs intramural), and the assignment type (center vs assistant). Travel center referees are paid by the league, while intramural refs and assistant refs are paid by WSA. The league sends out payments at the end of each season (fall and spring).  WSA pays refs twice per season at the midway point and at the end of each season.

Individuals must be at least 14 years of age to become a Grade 8, entry level referee. Training is provided by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee, which administers training, certification, assessment, and registration of referees in MA. Additionally, WSA will provide some in-house training for its referees.

WSA will provide new referees with a uniform package including a shirt, shorts, and socks. Also, WSA will reimburse active referees for their initial course fees and recertification courses as long as they continue to referee for Wakefield.  To request course reimbursement, fill out our Reimbursement Request Form HERE   Reimbursement will be included with the next paycheck the referee receives.

Individuals interested in becoming a referee should review the MASSREF web site,, for additional information. Once a course has been selected, notify the referee director, [email protected], so they are aware of a new Wakefield referee coming along.  Additional information is also available at the league referee website,

Additional questions can be sent to [email protected].