Travel Uniforms - NEW for Fall 2019

New Uniforms Coming for Fall 2019!

This past spring was the last half-season of our 2-year uniform cycle, and Adidas is discontinuing our jerseys soon. Thus, everyone in WSA will need to purchase new jerseys (and socks!) for Fall 2019. The shorts will stay the same (black w/ white stripes) so if yours fit, you don’t need a new pair.

Details will be provided soon. For now, we will keep the information from last season below for reference:

{Old 2018/19} Instructions for ordering Boys’ and Girls’ uniforms from SOCCER.COM

Wakefield travel teams will be wearing the new Adidas Squadra 17 home kits, and we will use this style for two years. This means it is likely you will be able to keep your uniform and not pay for another one for the 2018/19 season!*   [*Note: if a child loses or outgrows their uniform they will have to repurchase it. If a child is a first-year travel player in 2018, they may need to purchase a new kit in 2019, etc.]

You should have already received a personalized email from SOCCER.COM to order the correct jersey number. NOTE: DO NOT ORDER until you have gotten the welcome email with your child’s jersey number. If you haven’t seen it, please contact your coach.  You can also navigate to your child’s uniform purchase page.  Click here and then locate your child’s team using the drop-down menu, or search using their name. Note that if there are two players with the same first name and last initial, make sure to pick the correct team. If there are two “Susan M.” players, make sure you choose “GU14 3” instead of “GU10 2”, for example.

Home kit

Home Kit – [youth/men and women versions]

Alternate/Training shirt [color TBD]

Alternate/Training shirt



Please use the images below as size references for ordering the home jersey (Adidas-red), alt/training jersey (Octane-white), and shorts (Adidas-black).

Home Jersey (red)

Alternate / Training Jersey (white)

Shorts (black w/ white stripes)