Board of Directors

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Current WSA Board of Directors:

Title Name Email
President Tim Fitzgerald [email protected]
Secretary Ashley Renzi [email protected]
Treasurer Steve Boudreau [email protected]
Director, Intramural Program open [email protected]
Director, Risk Management Michael Kilkelly [email protected]
Director, Travel Program Josh Caplin [email protected]
Director of Coaching Mackenzie Arment [email protected]
At-Large Seat #1 Chris Smith [email protected]
At-Large Seat #2 Tom Pilleri [email protected]
At-Large Seat #3 Jamie Recene [email protected]
Directors (non-voting)
Title Name Email
Director of Equipment Mark Lococo [email protected]
Director of Field and Facilities Open [email protected]
Director of Fundraising Open [email protected]
Director of Referees Michael Kilkelly [email protected]
Director of Registration Open [email protected]
Director of Website Open [email protected]